DPS Hostel: A Home Away from Home

The School Hostel is absolutely, a ‘Home Away from Home’. Here, a child gets mental growth. Second, a child learns how to be independent and decision maker, a child takes every little decision of his life and learns that decision was right or wrong. By improving this quality a child learns how to solve big problems of life. Lastly, in hostel life there is lots of fun and games as children of same age group are living together. So a child can find an area which suits his talent and interest which a child never knew before. So, sportsmanship spirit and physical growth will improve.  At DPS, students reside in the hostel located in a scenic location. Separate dormitories are provided for boys and girls accommodating 4 students in each dormitory. Each dormitory has a Dorm Parent who looks after all the needs of the children with utmost care and love.  All the modern and innumerable facilities are provided to them to enjoy boarding life.

The Hostel facility provided by us can be really considered as a “Home away from Home!!!”, which is situated in a very silent  and serene environment ,where there are separate  dormitories  for boys and girls, which develop a healthy ,friendly atmosphere. The peaceful and studious surrounding in the Study room enhances the child’s learning capability and enriches learning competency. The early morning ritual of ‘Agnihotra’ fills the atmosphere with serenity and spreads the vibes of tranquility and harmony. The quality and quantity, nutritious and staple, balanced food provided here plays a major role in the overall physical and mental development of the students. The special facility provide for the Hostel is the special coaching in various Sports for the Boarder students by the experts, who train them not only for their health but also build in them the Spirit of Champions!

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