“Clean, Hygienic, Balanced & Nutritious Diet for a Balanced Mental & Physical Development”. 

Keeping that in mind the “Seven Basic Food Groups” a balanced vegetarian diet has been chalked out for the students. The Deep Refectory offers a large variety of Indian, Jain, Korean and Continental cuisine. 

The menu is regularly updated and suggestions by the School Menu Committee (comprising of students council and staff members) are incorporated. Regular visits by the dietitian to the Refectory ensures that quality and quantity both are maintained. 

Cleanliness, variety and discipline are of paramount importance at the refectory. 

At regular intervals, meals provided are breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, all having substantial amount of calories enabling students to smile even after rigorous study and extra–curricular activities.

One cannot

think well,

Love well,

sleep well,

if one is not dined well

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