Chairman's Word

Hon. Mr. Veejhay Jaypal Magdum - Chairman

The only person you should try and be better than is the person you were yesterday

– Hon. Veejhay Jaypal Magdum

”Building Responsible Citizens for a Better Tomorrow.”

The Mission of our school is to prepare students to conquer the world. This mission will be accomplished by creating an environment of high expectations of achievement, behavior and service.

Our society needs citizens with strong moral and ethical values, who believe in the responsibilities of citizenship and service to others. At DEEP PUBLIC SCHOOL, we will actively encourage the growth and development of these traditional values in our students. Participation in and enjoyment of school life, will prepare our students for responsible involvement in their communities and our society as a whole.”

I have realized the true value of lessons learnt outside the bounds of a classroom. At DPS we go beyond and ensure that our students get the best of indoor and outdoor training, molding them to think critically, synthesize knowledge and reflect on their own thought processes.

I give all my blessings to the DPS staff and students and regards to the parents and all those associated with this Institution. I pray that God, in His divine benevolence, continues to lead and guide this prestigious Institution for generations to come.


With warm regards, 
Mr. Veejhay Magdum 


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