DPS Staff

Mrs. Priyadarshini Sardesai (M.A., M. Ed., Sp. Ed., D.S.M.) - Principal

Our staff is educational leaders in different areas of the curriculum. They are student-focused and continuously work on developing a learning environment where each child has the opportunity to think, to learn, to seek answers, to be creative, and to grow into a well-rounded, independent, respectful citizen who will strive to achieve his/her personal best. In short, our commitment is to the “Whole Child”.

Deep Public School’s staff members are dedicated to preparing your child for high school as well as college and career options. Focusing on what students need to know and able to do, instructional strategies that support student learning, and authentic literacy are the keys to a world-class education. At School, the student is expected to engage in reading, writing, discussing, and hands-on learning. The vast majority of learning occurs in the classroom with the teacher and the classmates. Students will collaborate, communicate, think, experiment, and reflect throughout each day. Therefore, being in class is very important for each student, every day. Our curriculum encourages teachers and students to become focused on content, instruction, and literacy. Teachers work closely with your child to provide opportunities for learning the content.

The strategies utilized by DPS staff members are aimed at providing your child with a world-class education that will prepare each student with the skills and knowledge to make decisions, to be successful in high school, and to open doors for choosing a college and/or career. The responsibility for providing an environment where each child is supported and encouraged to strive for excellence is both challenging and rewarding. As a school staff, we all work together as a team with a common vision, but, the success of our efforts is ultimately determined by how well we work and communicate with our parents and the community. Having open lines of communication where we are all part of the “same team” is important for developing a school culture that is caring, supportive and welcoming.

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