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Mrs. Priyadarshini Sardesai - Principal

Education is not merely syllabus completion, examinations, paper corrections and report cards. It is an experience… where the process matters more than the product. It is a simulation of a real life which aims at equipping the child with the real life skills to be a strong individual- a global citizen with firmly rooted values and traditions. This is what we, at Deep Public School have set to accomplish!

“School is a temple… children are our Gods… service to children, is service to God!!!”

Greetings from DPS family!!! DPS…. Deep Public School, is a venture of Rajshree Foundations, Jaysingpur, which is a landmark in the tapestry of Kolhapur in pursuit of excellence as Jaysingpur is rapidly developing as a major satellite suburb of the Kolhapur region and also leads in the field of Education as the sister concern Dr. J. J. Magdum Trust has given a great contribution in making this city an educational hub for the areas nearby which includes 3 schools, 2 Medical Colleges, 1 Polytechnic College and 1 College of Engineering along with the Postgraduate education in the fields of engineering and medicine. Rajshree Foundations is an institution dedicated to the mission of building “Global citizens with Indian values”. DPS is surely the place for an all-round and holistic development to each and every student. DPS is a very special school with a very serene and pleasant atmosphere. The staffs are highly committed to the aims and ethos of the school, dedicated to develop the full potential of all. We are committed to focus on the individual and allowing pupils to grow in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. ‘Every child is unique’ and ‘All pupils are valued.’ The pupils of DPS flourish in an environment which respects them as individuals and endeavours to develop all aspects of each one. Character building and inculcation of moral values is an essential part of our education system. We are passionately committed to inspire and enable children to become lifelong learners, firmly rooted in Indian values and yet to be Global citizens. The school promises to give your child a firm foundation based upon an understanding of Indian values, a good education and bright future.

“Life is not a set of instructions, but series of experiences that every individual gains”. Therefore… DPS is a school called life!! We give our students the experience of learning by doing, discovery learning and interactive learning through our instructional programmes, co-curricular and extra- curricular activities. We know that every child deserves a chance to excel, therefore with the team of dedicated teachers, complimented with latest technologies and support programmes by the educational giants like Cambridge University of Press as ‘Knowledge Partners’ to bring out the best in the students. We believe… that education is a combined responsibility of by the both parent as well as school. By working together and striving for excellence, our students will be well equipped for the higher education and life. Looking forward to a great partnership with you to shape your child’s future….!!!

The DPS Hostel is absolutely, a ‘Home Away from Home’. Here, a child gets mental growth. Second, a child learns how to be independent and a decision maker, a child takes every little decision of his life and learns that the decision was right or wrong. By improving this quality, a child learns how to solve big problems of life. Lastly, in hostel life there is lots of fun and games as children of same age group are living together. So a child can find an area which suits his talent and interest which a child never knew before. So, sportsmanship spirit and physical growth will improve. Above all taken care of is… the Academic Excellence of the child!!! At DPS, students reside in the hostel located in a scenic location. Separate dormitories are provided for boys and girls. Each dormitory has Dorm Master who looks after all the needs of the children with utmost care and love. All the modern and innumerable facilities are provided to them to enjoy the boarding life.

“Home is child’s first school and school is a second home!!!”

 “My role as a Principal is not just about how well my students are performing in English, Math, SST Science and Hindi. I care deeply about my students’ physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing too. Working as the Principal at DPS is not a just a job for me – this is my life’s work, my passion and I am committed to the excellence for my students and their families as well as my staff and my Management. My position with the school gives me an excellent opportunity to share some basic information with the local community that I was lucky enough to receive growing up in – information that can empower individuals to make good choices for themselves now and in the future.” 
“I chose to work with DPS because, I believe that we share similar goals. For years the Rajashree Foundations has been committed for the quality of education which, in the long term, has great potential to improve quality of life for individuals in this region. I am very proud to be associated with this School. Here we care for each other and are committed to take the school to the pinnacle of success. We know sky is our limit and there are miles to go … We want you to join us in the journey towards excellence to make a world of difference. So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable!!!


Priyadarshini Sardesai

M.A., M. Ed., Sp. Ed., D.S.M.

  • Principal, Deep Public School, Jaysingpur
  • Honorary Advisor, SPAA. India
  • President, Private Schools and Children Welfare Association, Maharashtra
  • State Educational Advisor, Wednesday Times


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