In the lush green lawns of Deep Public School is an abode for the students where they will feel at home. This is the boarding home which incorporates girls and boys from ages 4-18 years. The students at the Deep Public School boarding not only learn academics but absorb life skills under the able guidance of their respective House Masters/Mistresses, Boarding staff and Principal.

Why would you send your child to the boarding school in DPS?

There are many reasons behind that. The academics, the athletics, and the extracurricular activities are just a few of the considerations. But there’s more. Much more. Here are the 10 top reasons why you should brave out the decision of sending your child to us:

1. Deep Public School houses great teachers who love to teach!

Deep Public School traditionally hires teachers with specialized qualification in their subjects. More significantly, teachers play a multifaceted role in DPS, that of a parent as well as a mentor, guide, philosopher and friend too at times. Also, a large number of these experienced teachers have advanced degrees in their field. Typically, all are passionate about their subject and love to teach it to young students. These teachers are available for the students at all hours since they too live on the campus. Extra classes, remedial class, special coaching is organized over the weekends to help students learn better.

2. DPS displays great sports and sports facilities

DPS has amazing sports facilities. The range of sports and teams is mind-boggling. You will find everything like badminton, table tennis, cricket, football, basketball, and volleyball. The coaches are all certified in their respective sports. Most of the students have achieved the state level championships and aiming for national and international platform.

3. DPS exhibits great arts programs and arts facilities

Theater, dance, music, fine arts, in short, anything and everything artistic is part of the opportunity which awaits you at DPS. We have a magnificent performing arts center. Performing arts gives a scope to the students to artistically express themselves through Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Western dance. Chamber music, bands, orchestras and jazz ensembles will give you many opportunities to use your musical talents. The art galleries and exhibitions held in the school have acquired serious enhancement for the artistically inclined.

4. Students get the experience to live away from home as a preparation for life

It’s never easy to leave the nest. But, doesn’t it make more sense to make the move a few years before college? Of course it does. Students learn how to cope with life and all its many high and low points within a community of their peers who are going through the same things they are. All of this is happening under the watchful eye of the HMs who, are by themselves experienced teachers and parents in their own capacity.

5. Students are challenged by the amount of academic work they have to do

Teaching to test the conceptual understanding is modestly an unheard and unseen concept in DPS. As a result, the depth and breadth of the academic courses here is remarkable. To compliment these, extensive hours of rigorous study which ultimately leads to great scores, is more of a routine in DPS boarding.

6. Students are surrounded by classmates who want to go to universities abroad for their higher education

The classmates are in boarding school because they want to be there. They want to learn. They want to be successful. Most schools are rather selective on academic achievements about who they admit. But DPS harps upon the readiness of a student to work towards excellence, give his/her best and bring laurels to their name and school. Being willing to work hard in class and play hard on the playing field is all part of the college prep package DPS boarding offers.

7. Students learn to be responsible for themselves

Taking a lot of little steps towards maturity is one of the intangibles of going to Deep boarding school. They have to learn to get along with others because it is a community. They learn to be responsible for their actions because they are bound by an honor or discipline code of some kind. The lessons in life learned in boarding school here will lay a solid foundation for adulthood. They will see how DPS has shaped them. They will make friends for life. Most of the Deep boarding school graduates look back at their years in school as a time when lasting friendships were established. Coupled with that is the building of a network of friends and acquaintances who know and care about them, are encouraging and affirmative.

8. DPS library are well-stocked are open for the wards over weekends too

DPS, library facilities which are better equipped than those at many colleges. Libraries have morphed over the years into media centers. DPS boarding school library has the latest technology available, in addition to all the usual print materials. And they will have them in abundance. A 24×7 Wi-Fi campus aids in research study for higher classes without any restraint on the time of the day. Students can make use of this facility to help in their studies.

9. The boarding houses have a limit of 50 students per house

Each of the houses has an HM and attendant along with a family of 50 wards. As the number is limited it becomes very easy and convenient to cater to the small and big needs of each student. The parents of that house may keep in touch with the HM 24×7 to get to know the well being of their child. The wards are in safe, secure, and strong team that is richly experienced to tackle day to day issues ranging from health and hygiene, to food habits, to medical ailments.

10. It’s cool to be a Deepian

This is probably the best reason to go to DPS boarding. Each and every student bears the badge of being a Deepian once he/she is a part of the school. A student who embarks on a journey through the Deep Public School Boarding at a young age is sure to be a proud Deepian who will mark a niche for himself /herself in days to come. The alumni of the DPS boarding school is shining in places near and afar. Each one proudly adorns the badge even though they may have passed out of the school. Deepians are known where ever they walk and are sought after.

These are our top ten reasons to come to DPS boarding. If all of this intrigues you, further more will surely pull your feet to the campus. Keeping the Indian ethos, values and culture paramount the atmosphere in the boarding encompasses the overall development of the students. They feel like they are in their foster family and learn the values of everlasting friendships. While learning to be independent and confident they also bloom into flowers with self-respect, self reliance and positive self esteem.

Students at DEEP have always felt very comfortable as the Boarding encourages their potentials and talents to be exploited and rewarded. ‘ A home away from home’ is what DPS Boarding stands by and gives the parents a reassurance that their wards are in the safe and strong yet loving and caring hands.

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