The Library

The mission of Deep Library is to provide access to information and services to support students and faculty. It is our goal to help all school community to use all resources and services found in the library to its maximum potential.

Library has been located separately on the campus to facilitate a quiet atmosphere for peaceful reading and study. Students and teachers have access to a wide range of resources in different formats in order to meet their teaching and learning needs. Its collection includes books (fiction, non-fiction and reference), newspapers, magazines, computers, online databases, CDs and DVDs.

The Library is a place where students can:
 Borrow the books and other resources
 Conduct constructive and meaningful research for projects using the Web, databases, and print resources
 Find great books to read
 Unlock the research question
 Can get help in in citation, referencing and bibliographies
 Find interesting facts


Well-equipped library with all types of reference books encyclopedias, story books, fiction books and many more books are made available.

Books are the window to the worlds. Book helps to enrich the child’s horizon. In today’s competitive world, amassing knowledge to regular reading of books provide a cutting edge for the student. They are better equipped to face the various competitive examinations in the future.

The students have library period in their Daily Time – Table.

Library Record- 2015-2016

Total No. Of Books- 2226

Sr. No.

Books & Counts



Story Books 

1st to 4th Story Books – 668

5th to 10th Story Books – 300

Comic Books – 60



Reference Resource Books- 980 

Encyclopedia – 40

Dictionaries – 32

Atlas – 9

Biographies – 140

Science Related & Experimental Books – 280

Cooking & food Related Books – 18

Teachers Manuals & Journals – 74

Craft & Art Related Books – 58

8th to 10th STD Sub. Related Reference books – 329



Sports Books- 52 

Related to Football, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Swimming, Boxing, Tennis, Gymnastics, Volleyball Rule Books




Novel, Short Stories, Grammar books – 150




Katha, Kadambari, Short Stories – 38




Short Stories, Poems-



Subject Related & Other Activities CDs- 260



Maps- 41


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