Experience Sports &Games, Martial Arts & Melody :

Sports activities have become an integral part of the school curriculum. A specially designed play area with modern play equipment is also made available to all the tiny tots.  We give special emphasis on physical fitness and health education. Trained professional personnel help the students to acquire skills and techniques required for various games and sports. They enjoy out-door games like football, hockey, basketball, cricket, lawn tennis and so on.  We have made available the coaching facility for indoor games like carom, chess and table tennis. They are also trained in athletics, gymnastics and skating.

         The school keeps its specialty in coaching Maharashtrian Martial Art.  The special training of it is being provided to the students. We teach the ancient forms of martial arts like Pole Gymnastics (Malakhamb), which is still quite popular, Bamboo Staff fight (Silambam), Indian Sword with Gauntlet called Dandpata, Sword Fighting, Fighting with Staff (Lathi), Belt (Patta), Bana, Madu, Jambya, Khanjeer (Types of daggers) etc. This is a tiny step towards in a bid to preserve and promote the vanishing Maharashtrian Martial Art.

       Moreover, Music, Flute, Harmonium, Tabla, Guitar, Congo,Vocal,Dance, Drama, Art and Craft, Drawing and Painting, Calligraphy and so on are the part and parcel of our curriculum.

      Many activities are conducted by various coaches to unveil the talents. We conduct yoga and pranayam for the concentration and mental relaxation of children. Maharashtrian ancient marshal art (ShivakalinMardaniKhel) i.edandpatta, lathi-kathi,bhalafek, veeta etc. Disaster management which helps to overcome out of the natural calamities like earthquake, floods, fire and save the lives. We arrange for field visits, nature walks and visit to historical monuments,forts, sanctuaries and museum, flora and fauna. We  give significance to mental as well as physical growth by facilitating the coaching of the games like Hockey, Kabaddi, Kho-kho,Handball, Volley ball, Basketball, Judo, Karate, Fencing, Horse riding and rifle shooting-for which  a big rifle shooting range is being in process. DPS emphasize not only on the Scholastic areas but also on the Co-scholastic. We boost the fine art skills like Dance, Drama, Music (Instrumental and Vocal), Art and Crafts. We impart Vocational training (Life Skill) for the better future of the children. We believe and strongly support the National Integrity and Diversity and hence, DPS feels proud to celebrate each and every religious festival in its  premises , in its own  traditional way and in a very grand manner.

Yoga & Meditation

Students at Deep Public School are taught the art of yoga and meditation, one of the integral part of the Indian culture, so that they lead a stress-free life.  The school is experiencing the benefits of this programme. Each of the students is taught to respect each other’s culture and differences. Taking into consideration this fact a special focus is being given to make them aware of the diversified culture that characterizes our nation. We are setting an example for our children, because they do watch us as they develop their own sense of right and wrong.

Disaster Management & Life Skills:

These include co-ordination, command and control, rapid assessment of damage, restoration of power, telephonic communication and surface transport, deployment of search and rescue teams, medicals and para-medical teams, arrangements for drinking water and food material, setting up of temporary shelters, sanitation and hygiene identification and earmarking of resources, last but not the least, maintenance of law and order is equally important.  That is the reason why, we provide systematic training of Disaster Management to our students.

Furthermore, utmost emphasis is given to teach students the importance of labor and hard work, the development of their skills and productivity.  Through a variety of programmes, we try to give an exposure and hone their skills on how to deal with social causes.  We provide the students the opportunities to learn Motor Mechanism, Carpentry, Plumbing, Wiring & Fitting etc.  It’s a sort of mini training in engineering skills.



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