School Management Committee

The constitution of a School Management Committee (SMC) is an important provision of the Act. Bodies similar to SMCs have long been in operation in different parts of the country to improve the monitoring and management of schools. While all schools have to constitute SMCs, there are some notable exceptions. SMC are to perform advisory functions only.

Functions of the SMC

  • Monitor the enrolment and attendance of all children from the neighborhood.
    • Monitor the identification and enrolment of disabled children, and ensure that they are provided with facilities and materials till completion of elementary education.
    • Monitor the implementation of the Mid-Day Meal and other Government school schemes.
    • Monitor the maintenance of norms and standards prescribed in the Schedule which would include classrooms, school facilities, teacher-pupil ratios, etc.
    • Monitor the attendance and punctuality of teachers.
    • Monitor the utilization of grants from government and other sources.
    • Prepare and recommend the School Development Plan

Main Features of the School Development Plan

The School Management Committee (SMC) is to prepare the School Development Plan (SDP), which is a three year plan consisting of three annual sub-plans. The most important components of the SDP are:
• Estimates of class-wise enrolment for each year.
• Requirement of infrastructure, equipment and teachers over the three year period according to the norms and standards specified in the Schedule of the RTE act
• Additional financial requirements over the three year period to fulfill the responsibilities of the school under the Act.
• Requirement of substitute teachers for teachers on leave.
• Education rehabilitation arrangements for children from weaker sections and children with disabilities.

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